The “Back Singapore, 2” was not taken as the air steward helped me put me bag (camera inside) up in the overhead compartment.

It was pasta, chocolate ice cream, butter bread, ice water and soba? I had wanted to sketch out the meal but I can’t even remember the last component. So… xD

Cathay Pacific offers really decent economy class seats!! Flying multi-cities cost only $615, but you need to be purchasing for at least 2 person. If you get the 77 series plane, it is a luxury!! Only complaint perhaps is that the crew tend to give too much time before clearing the plates and etc.

Frankly, memories on board were all pretty fuzzy as I was dead tired most of the time. The most energetic one was perhaps To Osaka, 1; some rude Asian women keep invading my space while reading her papers and even when she finally puts them under her seat, she “allowed” them to come over to my leg room. What happened next was me putting my feet over them. Finally when she saw what I did, she learned how to keep herself to her own space. People can be sOOO wtf.

And also that, I was the last passenger to get the chicken pasta. It was sOO good!! <3 The little bowl of fruits were also the first and last fruits I ate during Kiss’12.

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